Koe Karakallio Creative -event this weekend at Karakallio

Koe Karakallio Creative -event this weekend at Karakallio

World-class audiovisual experiences, magical light art, participatory workshops – Koe Karakallio Creative -event offers a unique opportunity to experience a luxurious light art spectacle this weekend at Karakallio, Espoo. A free outdoor event for all ages takes place nearby Karakallio shopping center on 10th–11th of November, 2018 from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
The headliner of the event is an immersive light artwork ‘Submergence’ by British media art group Squidsoup. ‘Submergence’ has toured major international festivals and now it arrives to Karakallio for the weekend. A breathtaking interactive light artwork is a comprehensive experience, that strongly affects the senses.

Picture: Squidsoup Submergence (Quays Culture, Salford Quays)

Other acts on Koe Karakallio Creative -event:
All Walls -collective: An interactive installation ‘Framed’
Tiina Herttua: A workshop for communal artwork
Deos: A participatory street art workshop
Kiss & Wezando: A participatory UV-light art workshop


Picture: All Walls -collective ‘Framed’ installation


Picture: Tiina Herttua, a workshop for communal artwork


Picture: There will be plenty of participatory workshops in Karakallio Creative 10.-11.11.

You can also experience Karakallio Creative’s permanent artworks in a new light as murals by Teemu Mäenpää and by Pastel will be illuminated for the weekend. Take a rickshaw ride and put binoculars on your nose, and you can spot twenty miniature sculptures by Isaac Cordal around Karakallio.

Picture: Installation by Isaac Cordal


Picture: Pastel ‘No east no west’

Picture: Art work by Teemu Mäenpää