Karakallio Creative project is getting started

Karakallio Creative project is getting started

Exciting things are happening right now – Karakallio Creative project has officially been launched, and the action around the project is accelerating. Currently, the exact locations for the first artworks are being checked and the communication with the first phase artists is active.

Let’s go back to where it all began.

Upeart collective and the Cultural Unit of the City of Espoo had for some time thought about the idea of implementing an arts district in Espoo. Upeart has a solid experience of boosting out public art whereas the city of Espoo is an innovative and sustainable cultural city that wants culture to be available to all its inhabitants.

The cultural policy for the future of The City of Espoo ponders the importance of art in everyday life:

“The value for culture and art cannot be measured by material benefits of culture and art, but by playing with the idea of what kind of city Espoo would be without culture.” (KulttuuriEspoo 2030)

Karakallio fits particularly well for arts district because of its suitable building stock and its convenient location, not to forget the delightful characteristics of the area. Because of the compact size of the neighborhood, the surrounding nature and the strong residential community activism, Karakallio is almost like a village inside a city.

The active residents of the community have played a significant role when starting to launch the project. It’s been essential that the residents have had a chance to tell their hopes and ideas during the process. One of the major goals of the project is that communal art will offer a natural platform for communal and participatory activity.

The art content of the area is going to be high-quality and versatile: participatory art installations, ambitious mural paintings, and communal artworks just to name a few.

The artists, both Finnish and international, will be the top ones in the art field they’re playing.  As the project is launched we’re opening a search for both artists and artworks. We hope to see interesting and fresh artwork submissions. If you are a professional artist and there’s a brilliant artwork idea on your mind, please don’t hesitate to fill in the submission form!

Karakallio already has its own charming identity. The added value of art will make the area a unique and fascinating phenomenon that’s even internationally rare. So, welcome along to experience Karakallio Creative; an exciting and ever-evolving creative area.