Teemu Mäenpää

About This Project

Artist Teemu Mäenpää accomplished an artwork to Karakallio in autumn 2017. The implementation of the piece was exceptionally holistic. At first, Mäenpää moved to Karakallio for a week – his purpose was to get to know the residents and to absorb the atmosphere of the area. By photographing local people Teemu found the theme for his work. 

The theme that Teemu ended up to choose was this one couple who had years ago moved into the apartment building (the same building which wall Teemu was going to paint) as its first residents. The couple still lives together in the very same building. The special artwork Mäenpää accomplished, radiates warmth and it is a reminder of love. The mural was carried out in close cooperation with the locals. 

Teemu Mäenpää is a Tampere-based professional artist who has a history in graffiti art. Mäenpää graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Mäenpää has introduced his art in dozens of private- and joint exhibitions and has also collected exhibition merit abroad. Mäenpää’s artwork can be found both in private collections as well as in association-owned collections. In addition, Teemu Mäenpää is well-known for many large mural paintings and installations. 


Karakalliontie 1, Espoo