About This Project

An Argentinian top-class artist Pastel painted a plant pattern mural to Karakallio in May 2018. The painting that beams the glow of blooming flowers is the first actual artwork implementation of initiative Karakallio Creative.

Buenos Aires-based artist’s imagery in his art is based on plant- and nature theme. For Pastel, plants symbolize our origin. The artist reminds that nature is still part of us even though it’s easy to forget in the modern-day society we’re living in. Through his art, he tries to create a discussion of the state of environment before mankind.

Before he started to paint the mural Pastel got familiar with the local surroundings and chose the plants from Finnish nature. From the painting, you can admire such plants as carduus, honeysuckles and plantains. The mellow artwork blends in to the natural surroundings of Karakallio and enriches area’s urban landscape.

Internationally acclaimed artist’s murals can be seen widely over the world. The mural located in Karakalliontie 5 is Pastel’s first piece done in Finland. Alongside his career as an artist, Pastel also works as an architect.


Karakalliontie 5, Espoo